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Poindexter Family

"Poindexter" or "Poingdestre"

The name Poingdestre is claimed by some authorities to have been derived from the Latin word "punge", meaning to "spur" and the French word "destrier", meaning "a steed or courser". The literal meaning would be "Spur of Steed" When the Poindexter first anncester steped foot onto Americas soil in 1660 his last name was Poingdestre but do to the fact that Poingdestre is a really hard name to pronouce the authorities pronunced it "Poindexter". As Poindexter can be tracked back to when our Ancesters where found in the Isle of Jersey wich is found in the Channel Islands off of the coast of England.

Isle of Jersey

Moto: Nemo me Impune lacessit
English Translation: No one provokes me with impunity
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Ben Poindexter
November 28, 2011